Finding a way to be well

Kinesiology near Shaftesbury, Dorset

Alice's room in springMy room

I am a kinesiologist working in a village just outside Shaftesbury, Dorset. I work in a beautiful oval room in a wooden building in my garden. It is a calm and healing space. The building has a wildflower roof, and a woodburner in the winter or on cool summer days.

What I offer

I offer a unique blend of kinesiology and a wonderful energy-clearing technique which makes the results of my treatments all the more effective. Kinesiology is truly wonderful. It enables one to find and correct the underlying cause of a health problem; it brings hope; and it helps one find a way to be well.

I also provide ongoing support for my clients in between appointments. As one client says: “It feels like being held in loving hands”.

What I charge

£65 for initial session (up to 2 hours)

£40 for follow-up session (1 hour)

£22 for quick energy balance (30 minutes)

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07964 387429

Stone Cottage Studio
Bittles Green