Finding a way to be well

About Alice Webb, Kinesiologist near Shaftesbury, Dorset

Alice in her roomI love what I do.

Diagnosed with a chronic condition

Some years ago I was diagnosed with the auto-immune condition rheumatoid arthritis. I reacted badly to all the medications I was given. One of them gave me hallucinations and panic attacks – I would wake in the night unsure of how many children I had or how to save them from disaster. On a day of deep snow I finally ended up in a heap on the surgery floor and that was that. I had to find another way.

So many therapies

I tried every therapy I could think of. The bitter smell of boiling Chinese herbs sent my family rushing from the house! Castor oil got all over my clothes! I didn’t know what to eat! I felt miserable and nothing seemed to work. I got so tired of being told what to do, what not to do, and it cost me a fortune. I felt like all the lovely, happy things in life had dropped away.

Getting myself well

I had to get myself well. I trained as a kinesiologist and used the techniques on myself. I heard a man talking on the radio about an energy-clearing technique that produced breath-taking results, so I practised. Some days I could barely get out of bed. There were no guarantees. But gradually, over time, I began to feel better. And hope returned.


“In the face of uncertainty there is nothing wrong with hope” – O. Carl Simonton (oncologist)

What can I do for you?

There are so many conditions for which Western medicine seems to have no answers – from chronic fatigue and auto-immune conditions to unexplained pain and recurring infections. I particularly love supporting women who have breast cancer. Everything I have learned on my own journey I now use to help others.

I aim to bring hope. In removing the underlying causes of ill health I try to put you back together again. Of course there are no guarantees, but in this process, this journey, I am there for you. In between sessions I support you and clear you of the stressors that inevitably build up along the way. We find a way forward together and I give you energy tools you can use.

I try to find a way for you to be well.


I am an associate member of ASK (levels 1-6), an emotioncode practitioner, a Reiki II practitioner and I am constantly updating my knowledge and skills.