Finding a way to be well


Alice muscle-testing a client

I use kinesiology, which is a gentle and holistic therapy in which manual muscle-testing is used to communicate with a person’s body & subconscious mind. It is a biofeedback system. During testing, a change in muscle response to a challenge or question shows the imbalance that is causing a problem. This might be a toxin, a pathogen, an allergy, an emotion, a nutritional deficiency, an energy block, a structural imbalance, or geopathic/electromagnetic stress. This means I can often find the underlying causes of dis-ease which deep down can be subconscious emotions and trapped energy from the past. These imbalances can be corrected or cleared.

***** I am unable to work at present *****

Please wear comfortable trousers or leggings – and make sure you are hydrated. Don’t take any supplements on the morning of your appointment but bring your supplements and any medication with you.


My treatments aim to bring harmony and balance back to body, mind and spirit, supporting one’s natural ability to heal. I do not diagnose, actively treat, prescribe for or cure any specific medical condition.

Following a session there may be some temporary discomfort as the body regains its energetic balance.