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Kinesiology Treatments near Shaftesbury, Dorset

Alice muscle-testing a clientWhat is Kinesiology?
Kinesiology is a gentle and holistic therapy in which manual muscle-testing is used to communicate with a person’s body & subconscious mind.

A biofeedback system

Kinesiology is a biofeedback system. During testing, a change in muscle response to a challenge or question shows the imbalance that is causing a problem. This might be a toxin, a pathogen, an allergy, an emotion, a nutritional deficiency, an energy block, a structural imbalance, or geopathic or electromagnetic stress.

Detective work!

A kinesiologist, while not actually diagnosing, works very like a detective. I see it as finding the ends of a tangled ball of wool, and gently unpicking all the knots!

Kinesiology gives us answers

Magically, kinesiology also tells us what is needed to correct the imbalances. This might be a herb, a spice, a nutrient, holding acupuncture points or something else. The subconscious stresses underlying these imbalances can be healed by clearing.

What is clearing?

Our emotional baggage can cause us pain, illness and fatigue and hold us hostage to the past. Negative thoughts and feelings upset the balance of our biochemistry. Once cleared, we can rebalance mentally, emotionally and physically. This work can be done in person or at a distance.

I believe

Kinesiology is truly wonderful. It is both a science and an artform. It has method, rules, principles and logic, while being completely open to the intuition of the person working with the body.

“The body wants to heal, and every cell carries extraordinary intelligence and fortitude” – Donna Eden

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What I charge

£65 for initial session (up to 2 hours)

£40 for each follow-up session (1 hour)

£22 for quick energy balance (30 minutes)

Ongoing support and clearing is included in the price, to be discussed.

Any nutritional supplements, herbs, spices or beads will be charged for separately. A bottle of flower essence is included in the price of a session.

What to expect

Please wear comfortable clothes – preferably with a waistband – and make sure you are hydrated. Don’t take any supplements on the morning of your appointment. Please bring them with you, and any medication that you might be taking. You will remain fully clothed. Following a session there may be some temporary discomfort as the body regains its energetic balance.


Kinesiology aims to bring harmony and balance back to body, mind and spirit, supporting one’s natural ability to heal. I do not diagnose, actively treat, prescribe for or cure any specific medical condition.