Finding a way to be well

Testimonials for Alice Webb, Kinesiologist near Shaftesbury, Dorset

“I suffered from chronic urinary tract infections for 7 years before I met Alice. Now, through her dedication, commitment and constant support I am feeling better than I have done for years. I am finally free from the symptoms from which I have suffered for so long. Her knowledge and support have been unfailing and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Kinesiology means I finally know what my body really needs rather than just trying things randomly in the hope that they might work!”

A sunny spot in Alice's room“Alice started treating me when I had breast cancer. Her kinesiology treatments were a much-needed antidote to the chilling rigors of conventional medical procedures. The physical healing, emotional support and care provided by Alice enabled me to remain remarkably fit, active and positive throughout the gruelling surgery and chemo treatments.

Subsequently, Alice has corrected my estrogen pathways, crucial in estrogen-fuelled breast cancer, and this enables me to live with a greatly-reduced fear of recurrence. As a result of these regular treatments I feel stronger and fitter than I did before I had breast cancer!

Alice has treated my whole family and many of my friends, and we are constantly amazed by her healing, and by the power of her clearing techniques to mend and restore us where conventional medicine has failed. Her peaceful working space is a beautiful curved room full of light, which is in itself a joy to visit.”

“Alice’s room is as warm and welcoming as Alice herself. The atmosphere is both peaceful and relaxed, a real escape. Alice has an empathetic manner, she truly took the time to listen and understand how I was feeling before starting the session and, during the session, talked me through what was happening in order to help me understand more about my body both on an emotional and physical level.

My care during the session and treatment plan afterwards have both been amazing as Alice took the time to explain how I could make small changes in my life to decrease exposure to elements that are toxic to my body, as well as the means to promote my intake of beneficial herbs and spices, specific to me. I have continued both taking Alice’s herbal remedies and wearing my bead and have noticed a real change, from my skin clearing to my feelings of tension and anxiety lifting.

Alice’s natural charisma and warm nature are so apparent during the session, I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone, whether you have been suffering with an ailment for many years or are simply looking to improve your holistic health and understanding.”

“My 15-year-old daughter has had Chronic Fatigue for two and a half years. Seeing a specialist hospital paediatrician, and then the CF unit based at Bath, she was advised to cut down her life more and more to get the rest that was supposed to help her recover. She became very part-time at school, and that was ALL she could do in life – no outside interest, no socialising, no joy.  She became very depressed, the energy levels never seemed to improve and she was always hostile and angry at the medics. After two years and yet another crushing event – a small thing in life she could not take part in – I met a person who recommended we try seeing Alice.

At the first meeting, my daughter just clicked with Alice. Myself being a traditional scientist, it all seemed pretty difficult to understand, but I could see happiness in my daughter that I just hadn’t seen for so many months. There were truly tangible examples of success too: my daughter hadn’t been able to eat lactose-containing foods without a lot of gut pain, so was taking lactase tablets each time she ate, or trying to be dairy free. The work Alice did simply sorted it out so there was no longer a lactose problem.

Alice looked first at the more obvious over-riding issues, but by about visit four was unpicking details of psyche, metabolism and experience. And she does so much more than kinesiology. My daughter is very comfortable with Alice and receptive to her suggestions. She is doing more hours at school, has had the occasional bit of social life, has become creative again and most days has spells of being actually full of ping. I do not like to think how her life would be if we hadn’t met Alice and received her insightful guidance and remarkable healing.

For myself, Alice straightened out lots of things in just one visit. Most remarkable was that I told her that in many respects I felt I had no voice. For about 15 minutes Alice wound out a great clot of ‘stuckness’ that had been compromising my voice. It felt like a rough thread and then a painfully choking lump rising through my larynx. The next week, I sang though two rehearsals and five performances of a stage musical without single a croak.”

“Alice is wonderful! She is very perceptive and if I arrive feeling like a dishrag, I always leave feeling like a princess! Kinesiology is a very clever way of finding out exactly what needs to be done and how to do it so the client feels her/himself again. I would recommend Alice to anyone who needs an adjustment whether it be physical, mental or even if you don’t know what’s wrong. You will leave her lovely treatment room feeling better.”

“On entering Alice’s treatment room in the garden at Stone Cottage, I immediately feel my body responding. You enter a different world and a calmness and sense of wellbeing takes over. I’ve been seeing Alice for treatments over the past few years and I’m so grateful to her. Her kind, gentle manner immediately makes you relax and feel reassured. She has an enormous range of kits to aid accurate testing, her knowledge of how the body works is thorough and wide-ranging; her intuition is astounding.

Having regular ‘balances’ helps keep me in good, all-round health. My husband and daughter also see Alice regularly. We all lead very hectic stressful lives and need her help!”

“I think it is lovely that you work on your clients when they are not there. It feels like being held in loving hands.”

“Alice has been treating me for a number of years. Her kinesiology treatments and clearing have been hugely beneficial to both my physical and mental health. Her care, warmth and healing skills have supported me when I needed it most and continue to do so!”

“As an older person I have some health problems and have found kinesiology helpful. I visit Alice once or twice each month. For me the therapy maintains my physical side in balance, is calming and also peaceful. It is an enjoyable experience, most beneficial and gives me a sense of wellbeing and comfort. Alice herself is very knowledgeable of the human body and a skilful practitioner.”