Finding a way to be well


I suffered from chronic urinary tract infections for 7 years before I met Alice. Now I am feeling better than I have done for years. I am finally free from the symptoms from which I have suffered for so long. Her knowledge and support have been unfailing and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Kinesiology means I finally know what my body really needs rather than just trying things randomly in the hope that they might work! Liz

A sunny spot in Alice's room

Alice started treating me when I had breast cancer. Her treatments were a much-needed antidote to the chilling rigors of conventional medical procedures. The physical healing, emotional support and care provided by Alice enabled me to remain fit, active and positive through gruelling surgery and chemo. She also corrected my estrogen pathways, crucial in estrogen-fuelled breast cancer, and this enables me to live with a greatly-reduced fear of recurrence. I now feel stronger and fitter than I did before! Caroline

I have noticed a real change since seeing Alice, from my skin clearing to my feelings of tension and anxiety lifting. My care during the session and treatment plan afterwards have both been amazing as Alice took the time to explain how I could make small changes in my life to decrease exposure to elements that are toxic to my body, as well as the means to promote my intake of beneficial herbs and spices, specific to me. Ella

Alice is incredible! She truly changed my daughter’s world, the doctors were not able to help her and I was completely left with my daughter extremely poorly and unable to help her.

My daughter Evie is 4 years old and suffered with extreme eczema on her face, causing complete face swelling and oozing sores. She was always in constant pain. She was on antibiotics and steroids nearly continuously for 4 months. Due to her skin being so damaged and her immune system being unable to cope she contracted all sorts of infections through her skin. Eventually she ended up with cellulitis and was admitted to Hospital.

The doctors were still unable to help me so I turned to Alice. Even though I was sceptical Evie immediately felt calm and relaxed in Alice’s presence and she completely reassured me. She assured me on that first session she would make Evie better, she was the first person out of all the doctors I had seen who told me this.

Alice prescribed natural tablets and silver for Evie and informed me it would get worse before it got better. As this happened I had complete faith in her practices and within a couple of weeks Evie was on the mend with no antibiotics and no steroids!! Once Evie was cleared of all infection Alice moved her on to probiotics and zinc to heal her skin and gut.

Evie has now gone months with no flare up and it’s completely better!! Even her doctors were amazed at her recovery and fascinated about Alice’s practices. I owe so much to Alice, I cannot describe how much she has changed my daughter’s life. She has gone from being in constant pain and discomfort to completely a healthy, happy little girl and I am so thankful. Kelly

My 15-year-old daughter has had Chronic Fatigue for two and a half years. Seeing a specialist hospital paediatrician, she was advised to cut down her life more and more. She became part-time at school, and that was ALL she could do in life – no outside interest, no socialising, no joy. After seeing Alice I could see happiness in my daughter that I just hadn’t seen for months. She hadn’t been able to eat lactose-containing foods without a lot of gut pain. The work Alice did simply sorted it out. She has become creative again and most days has spells of being actually full of ping.

I told Alice that I felt I had no voice. For about 15 minutes Alice wound out a great clot of ‘stuckness’ that had been compromising my voice. It felt like a rough thread and then a painfully choking lump rising through my larynx. The next week, I sang though two rehearsals and five performances of a stage musical without single a croak. Christina

Thirty years ago I entirely lost my sense of smell and with it many an ally I would have loved to have as companions during those years. I don’t mean bits of my sense of smell, I mean absolutely all of it. I could not smell paint stripper if it was right under my nose. During those thirty years I visited all the normal retinue of healers from doctors, consultants, specialists, surgeons, homeopaths, acupuncturists with no success and then I met Alice. After a recent consultation I was puzzled by a strange sensation as I arose from my daily tussle on the loo. Low and behold I ‘sensed’ something, not that pleasant, but something. By way of contrast I subsequently found myself next to someone peeling a clementine and it’s sweetness burst into my head in a way I had never experienced before. I was beginning to smell again. My sense of smell has started to return. It may not completely come back but I am very grateful to Alice for wisely, patiently and intelligently aiding and abetting the start of that journey. Matthew

I have been on a long healing journey for 16 years. At my worst I was bed bound with ME/CFS symptoms and my nervous system was fried. When I met Alice, I was still dealing with limitations in my body like fatigue, dizziness, hyper-sensitivity, and a feeling of being toxic in my cells, as well as many other lingering imbalances from the illness.

Alice uncovered some very interesting imbalances. One of them was a sodium toxicity due to my body not recognizing the mineral. It might have seemed odd to anyone else but I had been dealing with issues around electrolyte imbalance for YEARS, which was unknown to Alice at the time. I struggled to retain salt in my body due to low adrenal function, so I was heavily salting everything, including my water.

Alice said that my body was showing a mismatch to the sodium and she corrected it for me, as well as the underlying emotions that were tied to it. If I didn’t experience what I did I might not have believed this, but the day after Alice fixed the mismatch I started noticing a few strange things. Suddenly, everything was tasting too salty (which normally is not salty enough) and my body started showing signs of high salt retention (muscle cramping, water retention). It took about a week to clear the excess salt from my body but in that time, I couldn’t add any salt to my food and my tongue was coated in white. It was wild!

In the months since this clearing, I have been able to eat more high potassium foods and I was able to significantly reduce my adrenal support. I have also noticed continued stability in my body in ways I haven’t had for over a decade. I experienced years of dizziness which is now a thing of the past. Even the cells in my body feel like they are functioning better. I also barely salt my food. It’s amazing how long a pound of sea salt now lasts!

Alice also picked up on a vitamin deficiency that has made a huge difference in my energy level and she was able to detect the frequencies of EMF’s that my body was sensitive to. I have never trusted someone as much to read my body as I do Alice. She has a really incredible gift in her ability to tune into each person. This type of healing approach is outside the box and is able to pick up on blocks that would never have been addressed otherwise. Teresa (USA)